“Sweet Company” CD

We’re out!… AND we will NOT be ordering more. Never ever ever.

…Or maybe we’ll get more…

New album

UPDATE 3/26 - Still mixing! Getting everything just right!

UPDATE 3/2 - Still mixing tracks, but making good progress! I (AJ) am working on album design templates.

UPDATE 2/6 - Looks more like early March for our release. We also finished a photoshoot with our friend, Snap Jackson. Check out his instagram @snapjackson!

UPDATE 1/30 - We finished all the raw tracks this past weekend! YAY! Now it’s up to Parker’s editing, mixing, and mastering skills. We’re hoping to release the album by late February.

UPDATE 11/28 - It’s time! We are at an airbnb in Felton recording the new Blue Summit album. Hold on to your hats!


Parker making musical magic. Jesse on his phone.


Our morning view.


First one done!


Please check our Facebook page for any more details, updates, pictures, etc!